Our Agents

Within a month of joining ReeceNichols, Anna closed her first sale!
Anna McWhirt
REALTOR / ReeceNichols Lee's Summit
There two items that come to mind right away. I love the sharing and helpful spirit in our office. I look forward to coming to the office everyday. The second thing is the great training and support from the office staff. I truly feel everyone in the company wants each of us to succeed and works to that end.
Cheryl Julo
It feels like family... Our office works very well together, and though we all compete for business, it never has a hostile feeling, or that someone is out to get you. The camaraderie that exists is quite unique to the real estate industry.
Rob Binney
Amy closed her first sale in less than a month of graduating from ReeceNichols’ new agent Advantage class!
Amy Maher
REALTOR / ReeceNichols New Homes
ReeceNichols ForeFront new agent training is the perfect launching pad for a new career in real estate. Not only do you benefit from decades of knowledge shared by ReeceNichols’ “best and brightest”, but you also become energized from meeting the company’s senior leaders and support staff and knowing that they are all here to help you succeed.
Rick Binkley
A solid foundation is what buyers and sellers alike rely on when they buy or sell a home. I made my decision to work on the ReeceNichols team based on that same concept. The foundation ReeceNichols stands on is the REALTOR Code of Ethics: integrity, trust & honesty. How much more solid can it get than that? ReeceNichols’ technical team and our other business affiliates are by far the most supportive to our team members as well as reaching out to our public with the most updated marketing information available to them. Last, but not least, what I love most about working on the ReeceNichols team is the feeling I get when I walk into front door of the office. I imagine it to be that same feeling a home buyer gets when they first open the door on a home and says, " This is the one. I can live here, it feel like home."
Linda Burton
In less than a month of graduating from ReeceNichols’ new agent Advantage class, Vicki closed her first sale!
Vicki Gustafson
REALTOR / ReeceNichols Kansas City North
Barbie closed her first sale within a month of joining ReeceNichols!
Barbie Anderson
REALTOR / ReeceNichols Olathe
The ReeceNichols team, really a family, is the thing I love most. The support we receive from our broker and our office staff is critical to our success on a daily basis. Beyond that, the technical support, tools and training provided by our IT department and help desk are phenomenal. They are all sharp, kind, patient and helpful. Having access to a legal team, one that works the hours we do, for advice and guidance is invaluable benefit. The in-house experts at Kansas City Title and the other partner companies provide assistance to us and our clients. And our corporate team - the investment they make to provide the support, the innovations, the marketing, the internet presence and constant improvements to the company. This team, from our executives through to our individual office staff members, give us the ability to be completely client focused. We have the tools, the knowledge and the time to give our clients our full attention, to reach the goals they have related to their real estate needs. I can't imagine being anywhere else.
Denise Sanker
Following in her mother’s footsteps, Megan joined ReeceNichols for the freedom of hours and income potential. Megan enjoys the support of ReeceNichols including the training, both at Corporate and within the offices.
Megan Sulek
Prior to becoming an agent, I kept reading blogs about how new agents rarely receive training or guidance from their brokers. Rookie agents will be on your own and had better be prepared to figure it out. I came into the business prepared for that, but the ForeFront new agent class provided by ReeceNichols was just the opposite. During the extensive training, I was introduced to a large group of people who are willing and excited to help me in any way necessary to get started. I left the class having information and training to take actions immediately and get to work.
Jen Runyan
I love that we work in a professional setting with many of the best minds in the business. We have plenty of fun in our offices, but our agents also take real estate very seriously. This is important to me because a home is the most important thing in most people's life.
Chad Dumas
Managing Broker
Sara S. comes from a family of entrepreneurs and loves that Real Estate puts her in charge of her own success; the harder you work, the more you make. After walking into ReeceNichols Sara felt like she was part of a family and knew that was the place she wanted to be.
Sara Stucker
JW Roeder joined the Real Estate industry because it’s ever changing and one of the few industries that allows him to start his own business. ReeceNichols provides him with the tools and support he needs to be successful. The brand recognition of ReeceNichols helps to amplify his own marketing efforts.
JW Roeder
I am new to the real estate industry. I joined ReeceNichols, and I am so glad I made that decision. I am continually impressed with the amount of training and support that has been offered to me. It is such a welcome change after my last position. Thank you for making the investment in your people.
Shelley Lee