Agent Interrogations: Kristi Soligo

Kristi Soligo shares with Chris Kelly exactly how she prepares for a listing appointment, gets the listing and comfortably handles commission objections. Kristi provides a ton of tips and ideas to make sure every agent can live the motto – List to Last!


Key Takeaways:

  • Open Houses during her first year of business catapulted her career.
  • Know your metrics and know where your business comes from. Review them frequently and adapt.
  • You have to List to Last!
  • Ask your potential sellers a lot of questions before you go to the listing appointment. You will come better prepared and ready to nail the appointment. Have a standard list of questions.
  • Use Reverse Prospecting before the appointment so you can show the seller the potential list of buyers.
  • Keep your listing packet SIMPLE.
  • Include testimonials from past clients. Let your past clients convince your future clients.
  • Ask sellers if they are going to interview other agents.
  • When meeting with sellers pay attention to the visual cues they are giving you to see what they’ve looked at or note from your pre-listing packet.
  • It always comes down to the Seller’s Motivation – have to know how motivated the seller is.
  • Commission is a mindset.
  • Call your sellers at a set time every week – control the communications.