Agent Interrogations: Rob Ellerman

Rob Ellerman shares with Chris Kelly how he uses Buyside in his business. We also talk about Rob’s career path and how he grew to now manage one of largest real estate teams in the country. Did you know Rob started in the Real Estate business at the age of 21?


Key Takeaways:

  • In the beginning, just work hard.
  • Out work others and say yes to what other people are saying no to.
  • Buyside is one of your Key Advantages, use it!
  • Work Buyside into your Listing Presentation.
  • Use Buyside before the appointment so you can show the seller the potential list of buyers.
  • Check the Buyside List every 2 to 3 weeks during the listing period.
  • Use Listing Alert in combination with Buyside.
  • A Team should grow organically out of need. Are things falling through the cracks?
  • First thing to unload is the paperwork, so you focus on income activities.
  • Must have added value to add a team member, not just added “volume.”
  • Expansion is difficult, maximize your opportunities in the current market before even considering moving elsewhere.