Five Tactics to Launch Your Real Estate Careers

real estate agents planning
The first 60 days of your real estate career solidifies your foundation in the business. Create your steady base with these five tips to kick start your new career!

  1. Create and maintain a schedule.
    Especially if you previously worked a traditional nine-to-five job, implementing a self-driven schedule can prove a struggle for new agents. Plan out your day – and stick to it! Block out time to prospect, connect with your COI, attend in-office sales meetings, network with local groups and take continuing education classes.
  2. Organize your COI.
    One of the first tasks as a new agent is gathering your COI. Input your circle of influence – your friends, family and acquaintances – into a spreadsheet. Organize based on relationship, and focus on referral group — like contractors, small business owners, hairdressers or financial planners. ReeceNichols provides a CRM database at no charge to our agents, which will help you stay on top of your contacts. To grow your circle, knock on doors to get listings (especially around Open Houses) and start farming a neighborhood.
  3. Create your marketing plan.
    Once you’ve organized your COI, it’s time to market to them. ReeceNichols offers a robust suite of products to our agents, including direct mail pieces, email templates, social media help and more. Set up your Facebook business page and LinkedIn and Instagram profiles. The easiest way to market yourself is to simply wear your nametag – you’ll become a walking billboard for your business.
  4. Know the industry.
    When people learn you’re a new agent, the first question you’ll get is, “How’s the market?” If your clients express issues with your level of experience, knowing the market in-depth will dispel any of those concerns. Keep up on KCRAR statistics, and check in on ReeceNichols’ monthly market snapshots. Network with top producers in your office to glean any expertise you can from them. Attend your in-office trainings and enroll in continuing education classes to ensure you stay on top of the market trends. Not having a prior career in real estate can be an asset – leverage your past experience in marketing, sales, IT, recruiting or teaching to demonstrate your varied knowledge.
  5. Set measurable goals.
    Most people don’t have goals – they have wishes. For wishes to become goals, they must be achievable, measurable and timely. Make sure the goals you set are feasible, and then develop concrete action steps to achieve them.

At ReeceNichols, we provide a wide variety of support to our new agents. Our innovative mentorship program, FastTrack, pairs you with an experienced in-office mentor and enrolls you in an online crash course on real estate topics, while our ReeceNichols Advantage classes offer an introductory look at the world of residential real estate. And our non-selling Managing Brokers are always available to offer guidance and help you.

Written by Pam Baker
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, West