How to Best Prioritize and Focus to Accomplish Your 2018 Goals

4-agents-brainstorming-at-tableAs we enter the last quarter of the year, are you on track to accomplish your goals? Or, have you been “too busy” to set goals?  The most productive agents are not necessarily the “busiest” agents — there is a difference. Being busy means you’re filling time, meanwhile, productive people have “zoom focus” and a balanced life.

If you want to reach your goals in the last quarter of the year, have zoom focus. The key is to prioritize, and prioritization starts with clear goals. Know your WHY first. Why do you need to accomplish your goals? What is your driving force?

Be very specific in your goals; how much income do you want to make? How many contacts, personal notes, pop-by’s, open houses, do you need to have one transaction? How many transactions do you need in a month to reach your monthly income goal? Don’t overcomplicate and keep it simple. Identify what is essential for you to do to accomplish your goals and do those things with zoom focus.

Track your time, activities and results. Tracking your activities gives you the power to manage, improve and adjust. It allows you to see what is working and what is not working for you. Real estate is like fitness — sticking with the fundamentals beats the magic pill, every time! There is not a quick fix in real estate, just like there is not a quick fix to being fit.

Approximately 80% of your success in real estate comes from relationships. Therefore, it makes sense that staying in touch with your past clients and those that send you referrals, should be at the top of our activity list.

To be physically fit, we know the fundamentals are exercise, healthy eating and rest. In real estate, the fundamentals are:

Contact: Stay connected with your center of influence. Face to face connections are the most important. You must be “top of mind”. Create “raving fans” — those who you can count on to send you at least five referrals a year!

Care: You must demonstrate that you care. Personal notes, pop-by’s, phone calls, video messages, emails and texts to your center of influence show you care about them.

Community: Give back. Find something that you are passionate about and volunteer. Get involved!

Remember, there is no “magic pill” to success. Setting goals, having zoom focus and staying in contact with your center of influence will reap big rewards and you will finish 2018 strong!

Written by Dianna Kinnard
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, College Blvd.