Prepare For The Wrinkle

4-women-planning-at-boardYeah, I know. More sports analogies. What can I say? We can learn a lot from the game planning, execution, mindset and confidence that the best athletes in the world exhibit. Think of all the things we could learn from the Chiefs about letting off the gas when they start separating from the competition. Still too early, so I’m not ready to go there yet.

Here, we’re going to talk about another team and quarterback who also happened to be eliminated from the playoffs last weekend.

This game is from a few weeks ago, when the Carolina Panthers faced off against the Green Bay Packers in the regular season.

Now, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has confidence in spades. Some might call him cocky, but there is a certain level of confidence that the best athletes have. I’d also draw a correlation between the top agents and business owners and the level of confidence they have. Having confidence in your game plan and your abilities is crucial to success.

So let’s start there. How much do you believe in your ability to be a step ahead? Is your game plan tight? Are you confident that you know your stuff? If not, the number one thing that you should focus on in 2018 is increasing your confidence. This will help you generate more business, earn a higher commission percentage and attack circumstances instead of waiting for circumstances to come to you.

If you haven’t watched this clip yet, go ahead and watch it now.

Here’s what I took away from a candid video capturing something that you usually don’t get to catch audio of during a game.

  • Look at the preparation. The Packers had clearly spent hours watching films, looking at tendencies, practicing and planning for this formation and game situation.
  • Preparation on the Panthers’ side was to be a step ahead of the Packers’ study. This wasn’t an accident. The Panthers knew that their opponent would have seen them run the “wheel route” play in previous games. They banked on the fact that they would overplay that route, and in turn the Panthers could run a variation of the play with a slight wrinkle and score a touchdown. The Panthers were thinking two steps ahead, while the Packers thought they had everything figured out.
  • Then, the Panthers executed. Cam Newton knew that as long as they didn’t mess it up, that the next play was a touchdown. “You watch film, huh? That’s cool. Watch this.” Then, touchdown. Execution. A perfect game plan.

I love when stuff like this comes together, and I think this example serves as a great reminder to us of the importance of flexibility and thinking ahead.

You must be prepared for the wrinkle. You all have plans and goals for 2018, and I’m confident that you’ll meet those goals. But don’t become so rigid in your plan that at the first sign of a wrinkle, you allow the game to get away from you.

Maybe technology changes. Maybe interest rates move. Maybe your January doesn’t kick off the way you hoped and planned for.

Adjust. Realign. Think ahead and think big picture, and carry with you a confidence that says, “That’s cool. I’ve got this.”

Written by Chad Dumas
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Lee’s Summit