The Importance Of Mindset

Your mindset matters just as much in your real estate career as marketing, generating leads and other essential activities to further your business. If you find yourself down or in a rut, evaluate these aspects of your life — and if they are negative, adjust!

How Is Your Self-Talk?

Did you know your mind constantly runs every minute of the day? If you continually talk negatively to yourself, you will fail. You need to reprogram your inner thoughts.

I recently watched a documentary about the late comedian Garry Shandling. After graduating from college, Garry wanted to become a full-time comedian, so he tracked down George Carlin before one of his shows and asked him to give him feedback on his jokes. Carlin read his jokes and encouraged Shandling to pursue a career in comedy. Those simple words of encouragement were all that was needed, and his career took off from there. Think about how you talk to others and how others talk to you.

What’s Your Morning Routine?

It all starts in the morning. Do you roll over and look at your email? If you do, stop! There’s nothing you can do with your emails from bed. Get up, be grateful for your day, don’t turn on the news. Instead, put on music or enjoy some quiet. Visualize the successful things you will do today and look at your goals. By visualizing your goals, they become more attainable.

Do You Have A Goal?

Think about how much money you would like to make this year. Do you have your number? Write it down — then triple it. Did you just say to yourself, “No way, I can’t make that much.” Most everyone who does this exercise says that. Your inner thoughts have been programmed to say that is too much money. But if you wrote that number down and said it every morning, it would become real and attainable.

Shifting your perspective on your own abilities is the first step to transforming your business. If you don’t believe it will happen, it won’t happen. Trust yourself!

Written by Mike Potchad
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Cedar Tree Square