Preparing Clients for Selling

Selling a home can be a rollercoaster experience for even the most seasoned real estate professional. Preparing your seller for the sales process will properly set their expectations for what is to come. GROUND YOUR SELLER Unless your seller is also an agent, chances are they lack a clear sense of the true value ofContinue Reading

Making the Most Out of an Open House

Think about the last time you went into a clothing store in search of your new favorite pair of jeans. A worker says, “Hello! What can I help you find?” and you answer, “I am just looking”. Have you ever met a store worker that pushes and asks more questions? For instance, “Great! Anything thatContinue Reading

Working with First-Time Buyers

It’s really exciting being a buyer’s agent for first-time home buyers and helping them become home owners. A prepared agent helps things go smoothly and makes happy clients. EXPLAIN EVERYTHING The first step should always be to meet with the buyers at your office. This initial consultation sets the tone for the entire transaction, soContinue Reading

Unique Closing Gifts

Do you have a closing coming up and find yourself coming up blank with thank you gift ideas? Let me help you brainstorm gifts that ensure your clients remember you long past the day of their home purchase. Consider a “one-size-fits-all” closing gift you can give that will fit the majority, if not all, ofContinue Reading

Throw a Housewarming Party

So, you have some great buyers, and you want to meet all their friends so you can become their preferred agent. Take asking for referrals one step further, and offer to throw them a housewarming party! By hosting a housewarming party for your buyers, you get your name out there to their friends, family andContinue Reading

8 Ways to Nail a Listing Presentation

As a new agent, the key to getting ahead in the real estate market lays in mastering listing presentations. If you focus on generating a robust listing and building inventory, you will have a jump start on capitalizing on this hot sellers’ market. Each listing you earn gives you the opportunity for five to sevenContinue Reading

Get Smart Home Savvy

“Alexa, order a five-hundred-pound bag of jasmine rice.” “Alexa, wake me up at 3:00 in the morning.” “Alexa, play Macarena on a loop.” After the third occurrence of clients or their kids issuing odd commands to every Amazon Echo device we encountered during showings, I realized that we’re seeing the beginning of the Jetsons’ ageContinue Reading

Avoiding Insurance Timing Traps

Insurance, while necessary, can be a nuisance during the closing process. To help your clients avoid any issues with insurance when closing, we recommend getting a quote during the inspection period — which will give you enough time to uncover any surprises that may be hiding early in process. These surprises could include flood zoning,Continue Reading

What Just Happened?

You have an opportunity for a great listing. You get your stats and presentation together, you dress for success and your listing presentation is killer…and the homeowners decide to sell FSBO. What just happened? You hear it over and over again — listing inventory is low. So why, when you finally get a listing appointment,Continue Reading

Top Last-Minute Financing Blowups

Sometimes a perfectly-executed deal can implode due to avoidable financing issues. Keep an eye out for these common problems throughout the closing process – don’t let them derail the sale! Missed liens at closing. The title company needs to give the lender a 100% clear title, and all seller liens must be paid and satisfied.Continue Reading

Keep Safe During An Open House

While hosting open houses provides a great way to meet new clients and gain real estate experience, it’s no secret that unlocking a client’s home to the world presents house safety considerations. In addition to prepping for your open house and immersing yourself in the home’s history and neighborhood (take a look at our guideContinue Reading


Get an Edge, Know Smart Home Tech

I’ve been noticing more agents and clients talking about Smart Home technology, i.e., a seller who loves her intuitive security system or a buyer looking for a house with smart appliances. And those are good conversations to have. As we continue our value message to clients, Smart Homes will be in the conversation more andContinue Reading

Nosey Neighbor Open House

When preparing a marketing timeline for a new listing, hosting a “nosey neighbor” open house could be a helpful element of your plan. Instead of planning your first open house for the public, host a special open house for the neighborhood only. This could be an untraditional open house in that you have a happyContinue Reading

Tips for Handling Multiple Offers

Multiple Offer situations can bring on high anxiety for the buyer, seller and agents involved. However, knowing the best way to handle the process to ease the situation and create clear expectations. The National Association of Realtors has a great brochure to help explain some of this, but my favorite assistance comes from The NinjaContinue Reading

What to do when a home goes under contract

Setting expectations with clear communication will help any home sale move along smoothly. Michael Potchad explains the benefits of setting expectations with all parties involved in a home sale including the buyers, sellers, buyer’s agent, office staff, lender, title company, insurance company and inspectors. Written by Michael Potchad Managing Broker ReeceNichols Real Estate, Cedar TreeContinue Reading

Smooth Co-ops

The secret to smooth co-ops is simple. It comes down to regular and clear communication throughout the entire process. I’ve put together a quick reference guide or steps and key questions to help you stay in touch through the process. Writing an Offer Call the listing agent to get information PRIOR to writing the offer.Continue Reading