Explaining Our Full-Service Model to Your Clients


As a HomeServices of America affiliate, we pride ourselves on offering a full-service, one-stop-shop home ownership experience. But how do you illustrate the efficiency and ease that comes with this model to your clients and prospects?

Explain how our title, mortgage and insurance services work together to create a seamless home selling, buying and ownership journey. Emphasize how no other brokerage can promise these local, in-network services — which, in most of our offices, are even housed in the same location! Instead of running around the whole city to meet with each professional, our clients can knock out all of these appointments at one time.

“Studies consistently show that consumers at a very high rate appreciate and want full service,” HomeServices Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Mike Warmka says. “Furthermore, they trust and feel more secure with a professional advisor when they have that one-stop experience.”

Plus, we only partner with experts you can trust. When you offer this network of reliable professionals to your clients, you offer them a powerful combination that no other local company can match.

“When you put yourself in the shoes of the majority of consumers, there’s deep anxiety,” HomeServices Chief Information Officer Alon Chaver says. “But when you’re able to say, ‘I have your back — I can take care of all this,’ it reduces that anxiety.”

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