Business Etiquette 101: Thanking Clients


The most successful agents are almost always the ones with the most satisfied clients. These clients will come back again and again for sales or purchases and will refer you to their family and friends. Knowing how to properly thank these clients is essential to building a lasting relationship. Here are a few tips:


Thanking a client for their business is much more than sending them a generic letter. Consider the relationship you’ve had with the client: are they buying their first home, or are they a seasoned investor? Are they downsizing to retire closer to family, or are they welcoming a first child? Whatever you decide, make sure that you are personal and specific; generic thank you letters come off as crass and can hurt your relationship more than sending nothing at all. It’s also important to be sincere in your thanks.


It’s important to send a thank you letter or note to your client shortly after, but not too long after, your last touch point with them. If you’ve helped them buy a house, buyers appreciate a note or small gift at the closing or shortly after. Another letter a few weeks after they’ve moved in mentioning that you are always available to help and asking them if they’re satisfied with their new purchase is always appreciated.


Sending a thank you letter or gift is part of your marketing efforts. Your goal is to leave your client with a positive impression of you and your business and to keep you top-of-mind. Don’t be shy about promoting yourself in these communications — oftentimes simply mentioning that you appreciate referrals can spark action in a client who knows someone looking to buy or sell a house.

Importantly, however, as with all marketing efforts, clients recognize overly sales-y communication. That means that a sincere thank you gesture after a closing is appropriate and helpful, but bombarding your client with mailers, emails and phone calls updating them on the real estate market will probably have the opposite effect.

Treat your clients the same way you’d like to be treated, and you can look forward to building a thriving business for years to come!

Written by Rick Witeka
Manager of General Sales and Realty
ReeceNichols Real Estate