Conducting Annual Home Evaluations with Your Clients


For many agents, it’s exhausting finding a reason to stay in front of past clients on a regular, ongoing basis. When you don’t know what to say or you don’t want to bother them, the task becomes even scarier. What if you started offering annual or bi-annual home reviews to your client? How much more value could you add?

Keep in mind a couple rules when conducting these reviews:

  1. Use the same format for each client, so each one receives the same services.
  2. Be thorough – use good comps, and keep the presentation professional.
  3. Don’t view this as a sales pitch, but rather as an added value for your past clients.
  4. Meetings should not run more than 30 minutes, since they’re simply a review of your client’s largest investment.

Review the following in your home evaluation meetings:

  1. What their home is worth today in the current market.
  2. Other homes that contribute to or affect their value.
  3. Home improvements they should consider and these projects’ returns on investment.
  4. Reviews of completed or planned projects and their returns on investment.
  5. General family updates.

You can use this script to set up these meetings via text, email or phone:

Hi, ___! As an additional service to each of my clients, I am setting up annual home evaluations. I want to make sure I’m still helping advise you each year on your home. I’m doing them now and wanted to get you on the calendar. Do you have 30 minutes on ____ so I can swing by? Can’t wait to catch up!

On top of adding value after the sale, use this as a reason for clients to use your services in the beginning, as well, because they will receive ongoing annual guidance on their home.

Written by Casey Bryan
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Kansas City North