Create Clients for Life


Did you know that most homeowners will not re-hire their real estate agent simply because they cannot remember their agent’s name? There is good news! This issue is easy to fix.

Maintaining a lasting relationship with your clients starts before you ever reach the closing table. Pay attention to any “favorites” that they mention during your time together – restaurants, music, wine, or more. Keep record of these on a Client Care sheet and include one of them in your closing gift. Don’t forget to ask about birthdays and anniversary dates, too. Touching base with a card or small gift on those dates means the world!

At closing, give them a gift that will make them remember you and your amazing service. Items like etched wine bottles, KC themed art, or a special address stamp with their new address are great options. At possession, welcome your homebuyers to their new home with a laundry basket stocked with basic items like toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex and cleaning supplies. Throwing a housewarming party for your clients is another great touch…and a fantastic way for you to build your database! Going above and beyond not only impresses your clients, but also their friends and family.

Even with closing gifts, smooth transactions and wonderful service, your work doesn’t stop after move-in. Try these methods to make sure your clients keep your name at the front of their minds:

  • Set up a drip campaign with monthly installments. If your plan is updated and well-managed, an email strategy can be an easy, free way to follow up on a monthly basis.
  • Utilize Boomerang, which is available on the Today site. These coupons are inexpensive—usually clocking in at less than $1 per coupon—and clients love them.
  • Send monthly mailers with useful information like a marketing piece with valuable information, sports schedules, Zaarly coupons, or a yearly MyNeighborhood report.
  • Grab lunch, happy hour or coffee with past clients. Choose a location that you remember they enjoy, adding that personal touch (remember that Client Care sheet?). Bring a CMA or MyNeighborhood report, and don’t forget to always ask for referrals.
  • Send a handwritten note. They don’t have to be long—just three to five sentences show you’re thinking of them. Set a goal to send at least three a day. That’s 780 touches a year!
  • Hit up the clients who send regular referrals or those you think would with a monthly or quarterly pop-by. Small gifts are perfect—like a bag of candy at Halloween, pumpkin during the fall, Advent calendar in December or s’mores kits in the summer. And don’t be tempted drop the gift and run. Give your client a call to identify the best time to leave a small gift. If you must leave it on the doorstep, send a video text telling them it’s waiting, and always follow up with a handwritten note.

We all get busy, and following up with clients can get pushed down to the bottom of the list. However, sticking with a great follow up plan will keep your pipeline full and business steady!

Written by Casey Zillner
Assistant Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Town Center