Daily Affirmations


A real estate career is hard work. Juggling meetings, calls, client follow up, showings and contracts can make the days a little crazy. But this also makes it such an exciting career – everyday is something different.

In a recent post from Tom Ferry, Tom points out that you “need a strong mindset because with all the ups and downs of our industry your head can end up becoming a scary place”.

Daily affirmations are a great way to clear your mind, focus on your goals and have a positive outcome.

Here are a few of my favorite daily affirmations.

  • I am organized and ready. I love what I do and it shows up when I talk with prospects.
  • I am a master at making phone calls and generating business. I love and enjoy talking with new people every day. I am comfortable and confident talking with new people every day.
  • I keep my energy high when I am on the phone. I’m a lean mean appointment setting machine. YES!
  • I ask questions and I listen carefully to my prospects answers. I handle objections easily and effortlessly. When someone gives me an objection I stay calm and focused on solving their issue.
  • I’m alive, excited and full of energy right now. I am focused, I am powerful, I am calm and intentional.

When you say these before your daily tasks you will speak more confidently, improve your objection handling and secure more appointments.

Visit Tom Ferry’s site for the full list.

Written by Michelle Smith
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Blue Springs