Decoding Personalities with DISC


One of the most important components of a successful real estate career is the ability to understand how different clients prefer to operate. Some clients want to hear all about your life and share their own; others want to keep it professional and just stick to business. Knowing how to work with all different types of personalities will help you best serve your clients—and get those coveted referrals.

That’s where the DISC personality test comes in. The theory behind DISC is that the vast majority of us fall into four broad categories. Each of these four personality types approach work—and home buying and selling—in four different ways. Providing customized service can elevate the transaction from good to great.

D: The Director

Ds are confident, bold, dominating and adaptable. Give them the bottom line—facts, summaries and easy access to information—and avoid long stories about your personal life. Ds play to win, and don’t have time for weakness or excuses.

I: The Influencer

Is are the life of the party—and love to talk. Don’t bore them with dense print and data overload, but instead match their energy by making jokes and providing new ideas. Emphasize the social aspect of moving by sharing the neighborhood’s communal atmosphere and who currently lives on the block.

S: The Supporter

These people crave security and assurance—give them information on the neighborhood’s safety, top-rated schools and friendly neighbors. Stay even-keeled during the transaction and project calm confidence and reassurance. Downplay the riskiness of the transaction and avoid confrontation or over-the-top emotion.

C: The Thinker

Give Cs all the data they could possibly need—graphs, charts, formulas, tables, school information and more—and give them time to process this information. These perfectionists are results-oriented and love to be right. Stay hyper-organized throughout the transaction—avoid the clutter.

An easy way to figure out which personality your client embodies without subjecting them to a full DISC test is to ask them one question: “How would you describe yourself?” Offer four answers:

  • Straight and to the point (D)
  • Life of the party (I)
  • Steady and dependable (S)
  • Number cruncher ( C )

Regardless of which side of the spectrum your client falls on, remember to always care like everyone is an S, smile like everyone is an I, prepare like everyone is a C and sell like everyone is a D!

Written by Krista Wilson
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, The Village