Dos and Don’ts for Drip Campaigns

Client relationships need to be nurtured over time. Many of your best clients might not be ready to buy or sell the moment you first make contact with them, so an effective drip campaign is essential to sustaining these relationships.

A drip campaign is a marketing method to consistently keep in touch with potential clients. Here are a few dos and don’ts for running an effective drip campaign:


As an agent, you’re running your own small business. Like any business and any marketing campaign, it’s key to have a strategy for outreach and to consistently employ it. For example, using an online customer relationship management tool (a CRM tool like on the Today Studio) lets you set up alerts and automate the process of keeping in touch with clients. Your strategy should include analysis: how many of your potential clients on the drip campaign actually became clients? After how long? Can you tweak or test different strategies on different groups of people, like with different types of content or at a different frequency of contact?


The best marketing is when the client doesn’t even realize you’re actually marketing. While it’s great to set up an automated campaign to send e-mails out at predetermined times, your touchpoints should always be genuine. Give an update on your life, or showcase a new listing you think might be perfect for them. Suggest a new restaurant or a book that you’ve recently enjoyed!


Not all potential clients are created equally. While some clients might respond positively to an e-mail blast talking about the broader real estate market, others may consider this spam. Understanding who the client is, how you met them, and what they’re looking for will allow you to craft a campaign tailored to their interest and likes.


While it’s important to keep top-of-mind, being annoying is the fastest way to lose a potential client. Keep your email touch points consistent, but reasonably spaced; an email every day is annoying and hugely counterproductive, while a single email ever year likely won’t accomplish much at all.


Marketing is a two-way street. Be sure to give at least as much as you hope to get; be helpful and show your unique value, and you can expect your client-to-be to reciprocate!

Following these quick tips should position you for an effective drip campaign! We have several drip campaign options in the Action Plan Manager on Today Studio — enroll your contacts in any of these and set it and forget it.

Written by Linda Woolery
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Mount Vernon