Make High-Impact Connections with Handwritten Notes


Would you spend 10 minutes per day If someone told you it was possible to make high-impact connections with 780 people in a year? Hand written notes and greeting cards are more impactful today in a digital era than ever.

Here’s the math: if you invested 10 minutes each day (Monday through Friday) and wrote 3 notes each day (M-F), by the end of the year (52 weeks x 15 greeting cards sent=780 contacts). Hand written notes, especially in the era of mountains of electronic text and email messages, have a huge impact on clients. Because people rarely receive handwritten notes in their mailboxes these days, when someone gets a hand written note, it truly stands out!

Here are suggestions to help you successfully complete 3 hand written notes each day:

  1. Keep it light hearted. It only takes about 3 minutes to write a hand written note. A couple sentences that are genuine and to the point is perfect.
  2. Don’t know where to send them? There is plenty! Prospects, Open Houses Guests, Friends/Family, Past Clients, Your neighbors, FSBO’s or Expireds, a new business owner, a referee or referral or a friend of a friend to name a few.
  3. Still need a “purpose”? Birthdays, anniversaries, new baby, sympathy card, job promotion, thank you, holidays (non-traditional ones are fun), thinking of you, home anniversary, congratulations, appreciate you, you make a difference, nice to meet you, welcome to the community, just because, get well, I love you or I miss you, let’s catch up over coffee, engagement or wedding, thanks for your support, friendship, retirement, graduation, keep up the good work, or nice working with you. Hopefully you get the picture…there are a zillion reasons to send hand written notes. And, one more time—you don’t really need a “reason” for a note.
  4. We have the supplies ready to go for you! It only costs you the cost of a stamp!
  5. Make it tangible- set 3 cards on the corner of your desk, in your car or wherever you do business and make it a point to fill them out and mail them by noon.
  6. Long lasting impact that cost you 3 minutes and cost you less than a dollar.
  7. Greeting card etiquette. I know this seems obvious, but make sure your hand writing is legible. Nothing is worse than getting a nice greeting card that people cannot read. Hand-address the envelope for maximum effect. And, include your business card so they have a way to get back with you.

Written by Casey Bryan
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Kansas City North