9 Showing Tips for a Great Buyer Experience

family-agent-home-tourFor your buyers, going to showings can be nerve wracking, exhausting and emotional. And as their agent, it’s up to you to guide them through the process as their trusted advisor. Here are a few tips that’ll ensure your buyers have a satisfying experience when it comes to showings.

Park smart to start & set the scene

Always park across the street from the home. Don’t pull in the driveway — it’s respectful to your buyers and allows them to see the curb appeal of the house! As you approach the front door, set the scene with an opening such as, “Let’s look at this home as if it were vacant.” That will put the buyers in an open mindset, so they can see past the furniture and decorations and see themselves living there.

Be available, but let the buyer take the lead

When showing a property to buyers, once you’re inside the front door, say, “Make yourselves at home. I’m here just to answer your questions.” That will take the pressure off them having to decide right now.

Double back to the best stuff

Try to save a high point for last but show it to them early. For instance, if they wanted a fancy fireplace, point it out when you enter the house but then show it to them last, as you know it is important to their wish list.

Ask questions to get them to visualize living there

Get the customers emotionally involved in the home through questions while showing the property. Ask questions about motivation or about timing, to get them to visualize living there.

Your excitement is their excitement!

Be enthusiastic. Buyers will notice and mirror your excitement. You’re an enthusiastic salesperson and excited to show homes. Keep a sense of humor, it helps!

Three is the magic number

If possible, don’t show more than three homes at a time; it’s too confusing to the buyers when you show 5, 6, 7, or 12. Commit to showing three at a time and then decide. This can be tweaked a little — there are times where more will be necessary and even if you only show two homes, that is better than just one. If your buyers are in from out of town and need to see 15, do it and bring water, take notes and stop for lunch!

Encourage them to take notes

Encourage the buyer to take notes while showing property. When you show them a few houses, they may need the notes to remember details about each one. (FYI – on the back of the MLS sheets works well!)

Ask questions!

Don’t just make statements when showing properties to buyers; ask smart questions. Selling is not telling, and statements are simply going to be your opinion, your feelings, and at this point, it doesn’t matter. Ask questions about the property, the value and the benefits. Read the sellers disclosure and point out helpful things using questions! Ask the buyer questions and listen to their answers, that way we can help find them a house as soon as possible.

Show houses in the same order

If you start in the first house with great room, kitchen, master bedroom, etc., then show all the houses in that order. It helps the buyer keep the homes straight and easier to compare. It doesn’t always work with different floorplans, but it makes for a better comparison.

Written by Chris Cribb
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Parkville