Don’t forget to follow-up after the sale!

“realtor-client-follow-up"One of the major reasons homeowners do not rehire their real estate agent is that they simply cannot remember their agent’s name. A dismal 17% of homeowners actually use their agent again.


So how do you actually stay in touch?

We all get busy and follow-up with past clients can get pushed to the bottom of the list. But that is the last place it should be. That is why you need a system. We need to change “thinking of you” into a much more meaningful, “I immediately thought of you when I saw this….“

How often should we reach out?

A good rule is to contact each client every 21 days.  A good way to remember this is…it takes 21 days to make a habit and we want our clients remembering our name to be a habit!!

What do I say to them every 21 days?

Provide clients with something of value, and even better if it’s something they couldn’t have if it wasn’t for you. Maybe a MyNeighborhood Report, market stats for their neighborhood, discounts to local restaurants or even Royals tickets.

For those of you that are ReeceNichols agents, we have a number of tools to make follow-up even easier with our Prospecting Plan, Monthly eNewsletters, birthday and anniversary plans, seasonal mailers, Boomerang postcards and so much more. The best part – these options are ready to go and easy for you to put to use, today.

On top of that, I encourage pop bys, lunch or coffee meetups, sharing A. B. May’s home tips and sharing articles from our News & Advice section.

My favorite follow-up technique is a simple handwritten note. They don’t take long and remain one of the most powerful pieces of mail we can send. Make it thoughtful – mention something about a recent interaction you had or something about their home.

With these follow-up techniques in place I’m confident you’ll always be in that 17% and repeat business will be the largest part of your business.