Making the Most Out of an Open House

realtor-talking-open-houseThink about the last time you went into a clothing store in search of your new favorite pair of jeans. A worker says, “Hello! What can I help you find?” and you answer, “I am just looking”. Have you ever met a store worker that pushes and asks more questions? For instance, “Great! Anything that I can help you find?” and you say, “Actually I am looking for jeans”. “Fantastic” she says, “Let me show you some options”!  I’ll bet you were far more likely to walk out with a purchase, even if it’s not what you initially went in for.  An engaged salesperson, who has practiced the right scripts and doesn’t get thrown off by the initial “No” from a customer, has a much better shot at making a sale.

Now, think about your last open house.  A customer comes in and you say, “Welcome! Take a look around”. They look around and sneak out the front door when you are in the other room.

We all know how to advertise and put out signs with balloons, but agents often struggle with what to say when someone shows up to their open house!  Below are some examples of dialogue that work!  The key is that no matter what they say, you stay on your script. Memorize and practice the questions below.

“Hi! Welcome to my open house! Please take a look around and if you don’t mind, please stop back here in the kitchen and let me know what you think!”

  1. Which home do you own in the area? (None, we rent) Fantastic!
  2. How long have you lived there? (Ten years) Great!
  3. Where did you move from? (L.A.) Good for you!
  4. How did you happen to pick that area? (Job transfer) Cool!
  5. What made you stop by this house? (It’s in our price range)
  6. What do you think? (We hate the floorplan) Great! What floorplan are you looking for?
  7. When do you plan on moving? (When we find the right home) Terrific!
  8. What’s your ideal time frame? (Three months) Excellent!
  9. By the way, did you realize it could take at least three months in this market to find a house, close and move in? (No) Terrific!
  10. So, do you want to be moved in three months, or do you want to start looking then? (moved) Fantastic!
  11. How are you currently searching for homes? (We are looking on Zillow) That’s a great place to start!
  12. Would you like to be notified of homes that meet your criteria as soon as, or even before, they hit the market? (Yes) Great! Let me get your email and I will set you up!
  13. Or, to get you one step closer, all we need to do now is simply set an appointment, so I can help you get what you want in the time you want — won’t that be great? (Sure) Fantastic!
  14. Which would be better for you, Monday or Tuesday at 4 p.m.?

Then FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP!  The average sale is made between the 8-10th contact.

Written by Krista Wilson
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, The Village