Nosey Neighbor Open House

When preparing a marketing timeline for a new listing, hosting a “nosey neighbor” open house could be a helpful element of your plan.

Instead of planning your first open house for the public, host a special open house for the neighborhood only. This could be an untraditional open house in that you have a happy hour that is invite only or different hours than the open house for the public.

You know we all are curious to see how our neighbors live. But we’re also curious on pricing and how the sale will impact our own home. This special open house allows those neighbors a sneak peek, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to show off all the great things you do to market a listing. They will be so impressed they will want to list with you when they sell their house.

So, how do you host a “nosey neighbor” open house?

On Monday, 3 to 4 days prior to event, mail or hand deliver invites. I encourage you to hand deliver – it’s a great excuse to walk the neighborhood and meet people.  While walking the neighborhood, introduce yourself, tell them that you will be holding their neighbor’s house open to the public on Sunday but you wanted to give them a special preview before the public. I find using the line – “Pick your own neighbor” is a fun way to connect and get them thinking.

During the party/open house offer food & beverage – something to get them in the door and make them linger.  Have information available on real estate statistics in the neighborhood along with parks, schools, shopping, etc. You want to position yourself as the neighborhood expert.  I always think of myself as the mayor of the neighborhood.  Have a sign-up sheet for anyone that would like a real estate review of their home.  Your job during the party is to meet people, don’t hover but be available, socialize and have fun. You’ll be making a great impression and showcasing your real estate expertise.

After the open house, send a handwritten thank you to those that attended and mention something about the event. Offer a MyNeighborhood Report or CMA as a follow up item. Keep building those relationships!

Not only will the neighbors enjoy the sneak peek, but your seller will see you going the extra mile to sell their home. Activity breeds activity – connecting with the neighborhood will potentially generate your next buyer or seller contact in that same area.

Written by Shannon Belzer
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Leawood