What Two Major Things Do All Sellers Need to Decide?


When crafting your approach to a listing presentation or meeting with a potential seller, keep in mind the two things the seller is mulling over:

  1. Who should I hire?
  2. What price should I list my home for?

If you can expertly speak to these questions and prove your worth to the potential seller, that listing is yours for the taking! Consider these talking points in your discussion.


  1. Prove your worth. A proven track record of sales in both up and down markets shows sellers that you sell homes — no matter the challenges.
  2. Show that you’re the market expert. If you are talking comps and can say that you know the market, if you know that list price down the street was $15,000 higher than they received, if you have looked on the MLS and see that there are three other pre-MLS listings in their subdivision — you are setting yourself up as the expert.
  3. Demonstrate your unique value proposition. For example, offer up professional listing photos, actionable marketing pieces, staging advice and your go-to market strategy. If possible, show evidence of what your track record is in comparison to the MLS average in the area: “MLS average is 37 days on market in your area, and 95% of list price; I, however, average 31 days on market and my listings on average bring the seller 102.5% of list price.”
  4. Tell a story. If you have a good story about a similar listing, get good at telling it. If you routinely sell for above market price, share that nugget.


  1. Tell them that the market sets the price. The fair market value for a home is what it is. When you suggest a list price for the home, it’s not your price — it’s the market’s price.
  2. Talk about the elephant in the room. Other agents will overprice a listing just to get it. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver.
  3. Ask a good question and listen to the answer. Practice active listening. Ask if they have a listing price in mind and what the top thing they’re looking for in an agent is. Follow up by repeating what they said and summarizing: “Let me make sure we are on the same page; you said…”

When you tailor your listing presentation around what the seller really wants answered, you’re able to break through the clutter and ultimately win the listing!

Written by Chris Cribb
Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Parkville