Apps Apps Everywhere!


Choosing apps to assist your busy real estate career can feel like drinking the ocean. There are thousands of choices out there. Let’s go beyond the obvious, like the ReeceNichols, Dropbox, Evernote and RPR apps, and take a peek at my own curated collection of useful business apps.


With the Equifax data breach crisis making daily headlines, the issue of internet security has risen to the forefront more than ever before. We’re in an age where strong password security is a critical first step in protecting your online accounts. However, with greater password complexity comes the quixotic challenge of remembering all of them!

The LastPass app was created to make all your password management needs convenient and safe. With LastPass, you only need to come up with one master password to manage your other passwords. As a LastPass user, simply add your various site/app passwords into your “vault,” and the app will take care of the rest. The app also supports multifactor authentication (MFA).

LastPass is available as a free download for single users, with premium upgrades available starting at $2 per month.


How many times have you been out on showings when a client asks, “What direction does the house face?” While I’m sure many of you are blessed with a superhero-like sense of direction, others like myself often can’t navigate ourselves out of a wet paper bag. This situation is where a good compass app comes in handy.

iOS already has a nice built-in compass app, so no worries if you’re an iPhone user. On Android, I recommend Compass 360 Pro (free version). This is a powerful compass app with great features, plus an offline mode. At present, the app is supported by ads, which can be removed for $2.50.


Even though our mobile devices are no replacement for a quality real estate photographer or camera, we occasionally find ourselves in situations where we must use those devices to snap house pics (or the ever-popular closing table pics).

Sometimes as realtors, we need a little bit more on-the-fly photo editing power than the mighty Instagram or iPhoto apps offer. Snapseed nicely fits the niche between casual photo takers and professional photo editors. This app offers a suite of high-end filters and effects that easily go toe-to-toe with its more widely known counterpart. Plus, as a free app, it’s hard to beat on value. You’ll be making those mobile phone pics shine in no time!


Knowing weather conditions before and during your showings, open houses and closings can prove to be critical. That’s why I absolutely adore the Weather Underground app! With real-time data pulled from multiple points, including crowdsourcing, you’ll be more informed about the weather you’re driving yourself and clients into. The “Wundermap” incorporates Google Maps to show you the weather information most relevant to your specific location.

Written by Shawn Muller
Assistant Managing Broker
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Overland Park