Be Different


Client appreciation can be the most fun part of your real estate business. But how can you give your clients the unexpected and truly reward their lives? I’ve been lucky enough to meet with a lot of agents, and it’s so refreshing to hear their examples of client appreciation.

Here are a few of my favorites:

New Address Cards: Once a client has moved into their new home, purchase new address cards they can use to let their friends and family know they’ve moved. For ReeceNichols agents, we include a fun design on Xpressdocs. Most agents will tell their client they are ordering the cards and either take a photo of the client in front of their new home or ask the client to send them a photo.

Surprise Lawn Care: Treat a past client to a free yard-mowing! Text or call your client and inform them your vendor will be by to take care of their first lawn mowing. This would be a nice surprise for new homeowners or even someone you know is busy with work/family obligations.

Snow Removal: Along the same lines, you could surprise a client with snow removal. How nice would it be to walk outside in the dead of winter and see a clean driveway without having to break your back?

Zaarly Code: ReeceNichols agents have an amazing resource with our partner Zaarly. Sharing your personal promo code is an easy way to provide your client with something of value while making the home improvement process easier.

Pizza Delivery: Social media makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on our friends, family and past clients. If you see someone mention the craziness of their schedule or just someone that needs to smile, order a couple pizzas and have them delivered to their house. Then simply send your client a text saying “Dinner’s on me tonight. It will arrive at 6:30. Enjoy!”

Coffee: Starbucks makes it so easy to send anyone a gift card. I’ve been the recipient of a surprise Starbucks card sent via email, and I can truly say it made my day. This client appreciaiton would be a nice treat for someone that helped you or someone that could use a pick-me-up.

Real estate is at its foundations a personal business — people seek out someone that they know, like and trust. Showcase your personality, and you’ll form a relationship and client for life.

What other ideas do you have? Send them my way –

Written by Chelsea Fanders
Marketing Manager
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Corporate