Be Strategic, Focus, Measure and Have Fun


Whether you are doing marketing for a multi-billion dollar company, a small start-up, or the school fundraiser – you can use the same fundamental approach. The number of people, insights and resources may be drastically different – but your general thought processes can be the same.

First – What are you trying to accomplish? Ex – Raise $5K for the school through Movie Night. This needs to be the filter of all of the marketing strategies you pursue. If it doesn’t align with your goals, you shouldn’t waste your time on it.

Second –Identify strategies that align with your goals. Ex – Increase Awareness of Movie Night with children and parents at school; Increase opportunities to raise money at Movie Night; Increase Attendance at Movie Night.

Third – Identify tactics that deliver against your strategies. You may have several tactics for each strategy.  In keeping with the movie night example, here are a few ways to deliver against the Increase Awareness Strategy.

  • Include in school communications (flyers, emails, social media).
  • Identify key opportunities to share the movie night message (walking billboard during drop off/pick up, table at school book fair).
  • Leverage personal connections (Post on your personal Social Media, emails, discuss at social events.)
  • Conduct a poster contest about the event, with the winner and their poster featured on local news.

Focus only on tactics that deliver against your strategy, and align with your available resources. This is also often where the FUN comes in. It can be really fun to identify tactics that deliver against your strategies!

Fourth – Measure your results by tactic and in total. How many flyers were sent home, posters entered in the contest, etc.? And how did you do overall against your goal?

When you are marketing for your Real Estate Business, keep these principles in mind. Although more complicated than an annual school movie night, following these basic principles will help you build a marketing plan that supports your needs, and aligns with your resources. You should be able to articulate what you are doing, and why you are doing it. ReeceNichols does the same thing at the brand level.

So, take some time to review your goals and develop a strategic marketing plan that helps you reach them. And, have fun doing it! You and your Real Estate Business are worth it!