Five Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Real Estate Business

“woman-man-planning-social-media"Social media is an important element of your marketing plan. You post, share, tweet, comment and like all the time, but what else can you do to reach your contacts? Here are five ways to use social media to even further market to your COI.

Offer Up Sports Schedules

Spring is in the air, and we’re all excited to cheer on our Royals. You also probably have many Facebook friends who haven’t made it yet to your official client list. To capture the missing information, post a photo of the Royals schedule, and ask your friends to comment or message you their address to get one! Then, mail them the schedule with a nice handwritten note. Not only have you gained their mailing information, but you’ve also sent them something valuable.

Plan Ahead for Birthdays

Social media is fun on your birthday — so many notifications and so many kind words from friends. But how many physical birthday cards do you get in your mailbox? Not many. Instead of posting on a friend’s page a general HBD message, plan ahead and mail your friends a nice birthday card! I guarantee it will make their day.

Watch for Announcements

Whenever you see a friend share exciting news like an engagement, new baby or promotion, take the conversation offline and send the person a handwritten note with a gift card. It’ll be a delightful surprise for them, and they’ll see that you pay attention to the details.

Learn Their Style with Pinterest

Pinterest gives you an opportunity to learn your client’s style, which can only help you during the home buying and/or selling process. For buyers, create a private board and ask your client to pin home décor ideas they like. It’ll help you prioritize properties for private showings. For sellers, send them a link to your board full of home staging tips to help them prepare to sell their home.

Use Facebook Memories

One of the best posts you can do on Facebook is a congratulations photo for your clients who just closed on their home. Tag your clients in the post – not only will your post get a lot of engagement, but it’ll also show up on your clients’ “Facebook Memories” year after year. What an easy way to stay in your clients’ lives!

Have other social media tips to share? I’d love to hear them – email me at

Written by Chelsea Fanders
Marketing Manager
ReeceNichols Real Estate, Corporate