Marketing FAQs


One of the best parts about my role is helping agents with traditional marketing, digital marketing and social media. As we gear up for 2019, I thought it would be fun to share some of the most common questions that come into our team.

Q: How much should I spend on marketing each year?

A: A good rule of thumb is to set aside 10% of your revenue for marketing activities. That 10% could then be used for all marketing activities; social media ads, direct mail, listing photography, client appreciation gifts, etc. If you’re new to the business and still in development mode, you may want to increase that spend for the first couple years.

Q: I want to create some fun graphics to share on social media. Any tips?

A: We love! It’s a web-based design suite that allows you to create quick marketing pieces and nearly all of them are free. Another great resource is Landscape by Sprout Social and Spark by Adobe. But make sure to follow the advertising rules for Kansas and Missouri. We have a guide on the Help Site if you need a refresher (search “keeping it legal”).

Q: Do I really need to start doing more video?

A: Yes! Video continues to generate the most engagement on social media. Just think about your Facebook feed. It’s gradually being taken over by more and more video content. Heck, there’s a whole section on Facebook called “watch” that contains just videos. We’re seeing the same trend with Instagram. Keep in mind, you are your own worst critic; once you do a few videos you’ll become a natural — you just have to start! Video Fizz is a good way to ease in and produce high quality videos.

Q: Does direct mail really work?

A: Yes, if done correctly. Direct mail is still a great way to get your information to your COI or a key neighborhood. BUT, it’s very important that you have a strong call to action. Make sure there is a clear reason why that person should follow up with you. For example, offer a free MyNeighborhood Report, CMA or something else of value. I also recommend including a few key market stats to show your expertise and provide them with something they can’t easily get on their own. Most of our agents use direct mail to promote just listed and just sold properties. This is a perfect way to showcase your success. Plus, everyone likes to know what’s happening in their area.

Q: What’s trending in the world of marketing and social media?

A: There are some cool things happening. We’re all working to create more dynamic ads, by leveraging data to really show consumers content that speaks to them. For example, someone with a young family might see a completely different ad than an empty nester. Gone are the days of creating one ad that speaks to the whole world. This is also happening with email marketing; how can we send more custom email messages that really dial into that consumer’s behavior? Another element we’re watching is screen-less marketing. With the advancements of voice driven technology, like Alexa, how can we reach our consumers when there isn’t a visual component?

When looking at social media, businesses, including us, are beginning to create content specifically for each social media channel. We like to call it snackable content. How can we take one idea/topic but serve it up differently for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn? We’ve got some really cool things coming in 2019 to align with these changes.

Q: I know ReeceNichols provides us with a lot of resources, but where do I even start?

A: There are two key places for all things marketing. The marketing section on the TodayStudio and the marketing section on the Help Site. There are a ton of printable pieces that will help you review all our resources and find what works best for you.

Q: Can I just come hang out in the marketing department? You guys seem fun.

A: We love visitors! Stop by the second floor and say “hi” if you’re ever at the home office. We also travel for trainings and I try to be at a sales meeting every week just to keep tabs on all the office happenings. But you really do have an awesome marketing team working behind the scenes. Laura Hudson is our brand master and keeps everything looking very ReeceNichols. Sam Carlson has created some of our best campaigns. Raul Contreras creates all our awesome videos. And Laurel Zimmerman puts a critical eye to all written content and is known for getting us some excellent PR coverage.

Written by Chelsea Fanders
Marketing Manager
ReeceNichols Real Estate