Prospecting Open House Script

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Open houses always draw attention to a property, even by those who are just driving by without time to stop. This attention typically results in people talking about the property, sharing information with friends, activating neighbors, other agents and buyers who might be out seeing other Open Houses.

Open House Celebration Weekend

Have I shared with you what we refer to as our monthly Open House Celebration? Once a month we hold hundreds of houses open. Only ReeceNichols has an inventory large enough to pull off such a fantastic marketing feat. As buyers pass through, should they decide that the house does not suit their needs then agents will send them to another ReeceNichols open. It is quite possible that a buyer may walk into your home and fall in love or they may come because another ReeceNichols agent has sent him from their Open House. By doing this, we increase the mathematical chances of your home selling.

Seller asks why so few came to their Open House

Many sellers make the common mistake of judging the success of an Open House by the traffic—the number of people that come through. Please remember, we’re only looking for ONE buyer. I’ve learned that it’s the constant overall marketing effort that highlights, reinforces and reminds the marketplace about a property’s location and features that ultimately results in a sale.