Sellers Listing Appointment Script


As you gear up for your next listing appointment, consider taking this approach with your potential seller after presenting your marketing plan for the property. Make sure they agree with and are sold on you and your marketing plan before jumping to what you believe the home may sell for and what you believe is a fair listing price. Get them committed to you and your plan so you are not competing with other listing agents solely on the basis of false promises of the biggest sale price.

Script Dialogue

After this appointment, we are going to decide to move in one of three directions:

  1. As a team, we decide to market your property for sale and I will immediately begin to implement all of the marketing and sales efforts that I’ve outlined for you during this appointment;
  2. You may decide not to hire me to market and sell your home; or
  3. I may decide not to accept this listing.

While I know which direction I want to go, I also understand that in order for you to be comfortable making a decision you likely have some questions for me.

The first question nearly every seller I’ve worked with wants to know immediately – what do you think my home will sell for in the current market? Not to worry, I have brought a very detailed analysis of your home, reviewed other comparable properties for sale in the area and also past sales that will help us answer that question for you.

However, since I won’t be the one buying your home, what actually is the most important question for you and I to answer first is – Do you believe based on everything I have presented in my marketing and sales plan, I am best positioned, along with ReeceNichols to market this home for sale? Is there anything about my marketing plan that doesn’t address your concerns or ideas on maximizing the exposure of your home to potential buyers in the market?

[Assuming the seller confirms they agree with your marketing plan and strategies move onto a sales and listing price analysis – if not, ask them directly what else they need to know from you in order to feel comfortable about you marketing their house for sale (apart from price)] Ok, let’s go through the analysis of your home now and arrive at the best listing price to get it sold quickly.