Setting Expectations With Your Sellers


ReeceNichols provides you with the best training and support throughout your career, which helps you walk into a client appointment with confidence. But how do you best demonstrate your expertise? This script will help you showcase your expert knowledge:

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, one of the things you need to know is that we pride ourselves in being known throughout the KC metro for our training and education. Therefore, even though we recruit and train nearly 500 new people each year, we have an extensive training and education system in place to help them achieve success in the business. The benefit to you is that, even though they are newer in the business, they are well-trained, they have their own COI, and therefore add marketing exposure when it comes to selling your home. Our mentorship program allows experienced agents to pass on their knowledge to our newer agents. Some of our competitors actually send their new people to us, knowing we have a state-of-the-art training facility and a full-time, accredited Career Development Director.

Now, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I wish I could tell you that every phase of listing, marketing, negotiating, and closing will go without a problem. But during this entire process, we rely on upwards of 40 different people to perform certain tasks. Your transaction might include insurers, inspectors, appraisers, lenders, investors, credit bureaus, other sales associates, brokers, public employees, utilities and more. What do you think is the likelihood of all of them doing their jobs without a glitch? Not very likely. However, be assured I will monitor every phase of your transaction, and when problems arise, I will quickly get in touch with you to discuss our options. When and how would you prefer that I communicate with you?

Mr. and Mrs. Seller, contrary to popular belief, I will most likely not be the agent showing your home. This is because most buyers want their own representation and, in order to get their representation, they have hired an agent to represent them. As a result, I show my listings only about 10% of the time. Please understand nothing would please me more than selling your home, but with the popularity of buyer agency, that is unlikely. When you see other associates from ReeceNichols or other companies showing your home, then you will know that I am doing my job. You see, my job is to disseminate information about your property to both potential buyers and their agents. In other words, my most important job is not to sell your home, but to cause your home to sell. We do this in many forms. Can I show you how we would get your information into their hands?

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